Who We Are

Our Roots

The founders of Dupont Danks have been cannabis fanatics for a combined 10 years. Through their journey, they have had the privilege of learning from the industry’s leading thought leaders, seasoned cultivators, world-class growers, and dedicated theoreticians. Drawing on these diverse lessons they formed Dupont Danks with the idea that the art of supplying quality products within the Washington D.C. region is at the core of providing an excellent customer experience.
Our team is made up of what we like to call connoisseurs a combination of passionate nerds and cannabis enthusiasts who will work for the benefit of their clients. Dupont Danks experts use tactics and techniques to make assessments, recommend solutions, test all products, and coach the client on how to execute our recommendations.

Image by Esteban Lopez

"We are bridging the gap."

Dupont Danks


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